ClariSpray® contains fluticasone propionate, the #1 prescribed ingredient for nasal allergy relief. If you suffer from relentless nasal allergy symptoms, try ClariSpray®.
How it works
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You know too well that tough allergies can be miserable, often making you want to hide away from the world.

From the makers of Claritin®, 24-hour ClariSpray® works directly in the nose to relieve nasal plus eye allergy symptoms. Open your nose and welcome in the world.

ClariSpray® is formulated to relieve nasal and eye allergy symptoms brought on by allergy triggers, including:

Animal Allergens
Dogs Dogs
cats Cats
outdoor Allergens
Tree pollen Tree pollen
Weed pollen Weed pollen
Grass pollen Grass pollen
Indoor Allergens
Dust Dust
Dust mites Dust mites
Mold Mold

ClariSpray®'s active ingredient, fluticasone propionate, is the #1 prescribed, clinical proven ingredient for allergy relief. It's a glucocorticoid, which helps fight inflammation and relieves nasal and eye allergy symptoms.

Allergies at a whiff

Your allergy symptoms begin when you're exposed to a trigger, like

weed pollen,dust

Your immune system reacts to those triggers by releasing substances that cause swelling and inflammation in your nasal membranes. Thats when you start to feel stuffy, sneezy, drippy and itchy.

ClariSpray® works directly in the nose to help block your allergic reaction to give you 24-hour, non-drowsy nasal plus eye allergy relief. ClariSpray® is a glucocorticoid, which belongs to the most effective class of over-the-counter nasal allergy treatment.

pets,Tree pollen,Grass pollen

ClariSpray® is here.

ClariSpray® vs. Claritin®

ClariSpray® is brought to you by the makers of Claritin, but they’re different products with significant differences.We’ve listed a few below, but please read product labels (links below) for full product information.


  • Nasal allergy spray
  • Nasal glucocorticoid for the nose
  • Relieves nasal congestion
Clarispray™ bottle Read full ClariSpray ® product label


  • Available in different oral dosage forms
  • Antihistamine
Claritin packaging Read full Claritin ® product label